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so I’ve noticed that my little son loves to watch himself … lol … when we walk past the mirror as he smiles from ear to ear from seeing himself. he’s so cute! so when I found out that I wanted to make a rattle to him. I took some macaroni in a small box to get good sound. so I decorated the box stranger photos of my precious =) liked it so I would show it to you too =)


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how to make a “level” card…

this card is pretty easy to make, but seems advanced. that’s what I like about these cards =) I used two sheets that are cut at an angle.
the shortest side measures 2 3 / 4 inches and the tallest measuring 5 1 / 2 inches. length of the sheets is 12 inches. Cut as shown in the picture. Board paper on the center. fold opposite to each other so that they are designing a diamond when you put them against one another, and puzzle sheets together =) pretty simple=)

hope you like it 😉    please leave a comment if you have any questions =)

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over 8 weeks I have now had a headache. this makes it go bad with my scrapping .. it is not so much crafting for me these days .. but I’m working on a project that is not finished but I will post it anyway =)

this is a story cube.

I have taken the starting point in the story of Samson in the Bible.

You can find the story in the Judges 13 .

I will post the finished Cuben when it is finished.

This is a nice way of telling Bible stories to children in church or at school.

hope you like it=) feel free to post a comment=)

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Challenge #7–Make a Scrapbook Page!

what a productive day!! the last project that i will make to day, (before my head is killing me!!) is an scrapbook page. i wanted to make an elegant page, mostly because i feel that most of my projects so often turns out so childlike…

well here it is, hope you like it=)
and Robyn (with friends) thanks for these amazing challanges=)

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Challenge #8–Make a summer themed project!

summer project, lot of fun!  I made a card with lots of flower on, yes for me summer is flowers, birds and happiness=) I love the summer!!

here is my summer project=)

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Challenge #1 – Anything Cupcake!!!

The first task that Robyn was posted anything cupcake … I chose this time to take her on herword as we say in Norway, and made a flower to my card of the cupcake paper. I used the Wilton color mist to color the white paper.

hope you like it =)

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Challenge #11–Make a project and use Pink, Green and Black in it!

Although I have the worst headache ever, I just tryed on yet another of My Pink Stamper’s challenge =)

I have made ​​a scrapbook page in my son’s babybok. Isn’t  this just the cutest pictures?

My prescious ❤

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Challenge #12–Make a Scrapbook Page, Card, or other with a Kid’s theme!

well, it’s a blog that I follow and are very impressed by. The blog is called Pink Stamper is a link
check out the  Robyns blogg. Here is my answer to the challenge kids theme.

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