mps christmas card challenge 2

when I first start on the christmas cards I get inspired .. so here comes another christmas card I made for Robyn challenge I hope you like it!

and i wanted to show you my new wall sticker that i made with my gypsy and my Cricut… super easy and super fun!!

my 2 last cards i wasnt that happy with but I’m adding them any way=)

the last one was very out of focus sorry=(

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MPS Christmas Card Challenge!

So christmas is not that far away… så lets make some christmas card=) i made this card.

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crafty day=)

oh I’m feeling kind of crafty to day, and that is kind of a bummer because i have just moved and everything is a mess! so i cant craft at all to day… BORING!!

but anyway I  just want to post some thing i have made for my sons kindergarten. we have all gotten these cardboard houses to decorate so that the kids can see something from home when they are in kindergarten. in this way they bring more of the family in to the day=) lovely idea=) hope you enjoy!

PS. this is going to me a web-cam picture so the quality is not good=)

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Peachy Keen challenge…

I made this card for the Peachy Keen stamps challenge. this was the challenge:

  • Project must be new
  • Must incorporate Peachy Keen Faces
  • Please link directly to your blog post (not blog address)
  • Link by 8/18 – 11:59 pm CDT

I used my gypsy to make this schoe card. the image is from gypsy wanderings. the Faces on the schoe is from Peachy Keen Stamps everyday  character face.

I hope you like it=)

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Swing Card

I made this baby boy card with some great help from‘s tutorial! I’m so grateful that they shared this technique!

So this is my first try on making this kinds of cards and I loved it! You have to try out this one time=)

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My little country…(My Pink Stamper challenge)

So in this post I’m responding to Robbins blog hop challenge. ( My Pink Stamper ) the challenge was to make some thing your favorite. Favorite colors or cartridge or else. I used the elegant edges and wild card (my favorite) to make this card. I wanted to make a tribute to all the boys and girls that was killed on the massacre on Utøya. One of the thing that amazed me after the massacre was how the Norwegian people responded to the terror attack. We stood together. We cried together. We restored our country together. I’m so proud of my favorite people, my little country!

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a card for my bezzy=) ( = best friend)

so I have got some new cartridges sins last time. they are awesome! and i have a new favorite! ‘wild card! it is the best cartridge ever!!  i made this card and envelope with it using my gypsy( witch also is new and i LOVE!)  here are some pictures, taken with my web cam so sorry for the bad quality! hope you like=)

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CD- Envelopes

So I haven’t updated in a while, I’m so sorry for that. now finally i have some updates for you! my hubby is an hobby photographer so we have found a way to combine our hobbies=) he has different assignments with kids, babies, weddings and more. so i have made envelopes for him. he will give out the pictures on a CD with my envelopes. I’m so proud of him. check out his web page:

For thees projects I have used wrap it up cartridge, Winter Lacce cartridge, simply charmed, elegant cake and spring holiday card.

I hope you like it=)


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so I’ve noticed that my little son loves to watch himself … lol … when we walk past the mirror as he smiles from ear to ear from seeing himself. he’s so cute! so when I found out that I wanted to make a rattle to him. I took some macaroni in a small box to get good sound. so I decorated the box stranger photos of my precious =) liked it so I would show it to you too =)

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how to make a “level” card…

this card is pretty easy to make, but seems advanced. that’s what I like about these cards =) I used two sheets that are cut at an angle.
the shortest side measures 2 3 / 4 inches and the tallest measuring 5 1 / 2 inches. length of the sheets is 12 inches. Cut as shown in the picture. Board paper on the center. fold opposite to each other so that they are designing a diamond when you put them against one another, and puzzle sheets together =) pretty simple=)

hope you like it 😉    please leave a comment if you have any questions =)

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